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Interdisciplinary Blog Project

Write a post about a favourite time with your family.

on Outubro 22, 2015

Include an image with attribution. If using an actual image of your own family, you need permission from your parents and everyone shown in the image. Make sure you mention in the post that you have permission to use this and maybe that it is copyright to your family so no one else may use it without your family’s permission.

85 Responses to “Write a post about a favourite time with your family.”

  1. jleon6 diz:


    Hello, I’m a blogger from California, USA, my website is I was wondering what kinds of foods do you eat in Brazil? Also, what is you favorite food?


  2. mruesga diz:

    Our class was supposed to comment on other peoples blog, and ask them about food. I live in California, what is your favorite food in Brazil? Is it delicious?

    Thank you,

  3. klaborin diz:

    I like spending time with my family. I like going out to eat and have some fun. I love this because I love spending time with them.

  4. tsepulveda diz:

    Hello kidmais,
    I am from San Diego, California. I really liked this topic for a blog. What is a traditional food in Brazil?
    Our class website:

  5. R Perez diz:

    Hi, I’m from California and my class is doing a blog about foods from other countries can you please tell us at

  6. imacias2 diz:

    I am from Hilltop Middle school in California. I would like to ask what are some of the foods you eat? What are your favorite foods? Are there any foods that you recommend?


  7. S. Martinez diz:

    I’m a student in the United States. My family has a lot of cookouts. We cook hot dogs and hamburgers. What kind of foods do you like to eat? Are they common in your area? Go to this website to check out some of my class’s blogs

  8. rbilonoac diz:

    Hi I’m from San Diego,California,USA. Is there any traditional household food in Brazil?

  9. rcoss diz:

    Hi I’m from California, USA, I was wondering what kinds of foods are eaten in Brazi? Do you eat foods from other countries?

  10. ealvarez015 diz:

    Hey I’m from the USA and my moms family is from Compton. I was wondering what type of food do you like to eat and when you fight with your brother or sister do you use your Jiu jitsu skills.

  11. jlindez diz:

    Hello I’m from California and I would like to know what kind of food is in Brazil and what kind of yummy desserts you have and maybe if you have junk food. 🙂

  12. mkirschenman diz:

    I also like spending time with my family. My and my family always go out to dinner. What’s so thing that you like to eat when you go out to dinner ? Come vi it out class blog!

  13. Sydni diz:

    Hi Kidmais
    My name is Sydni I’m from the USA but I’ve been in Jamaica. Come visit me at

  14. Xander diz:

    My favorite time with my family would have to be at the Rio beach. The waves were as big as a truck. They hit so hard it felt like something shoved me so far.

    Whats your favorite time with your family?

  15. Xander diz:

    My favorite time with my family would have to be at the Rio beach. The waves were so big, and they hit like a truck.

  16. Enzo diz:


    in Brazil my favorite food is pao de quejo and yes it s delicious

  17. Laura diz:

    Dear mruesga,
    I live in Brazil, my favorite food here is pastel because it is very delicious and I like pastel de queijo that has cheese on it and it is every good, I also love brigadeiro it is very good and it is made with chocolate I love it.

  18. Carolina diz:

    jlindez, answering to your question, yes we do certainly have a lot of yummy desserts here in Brazil. Some of them involve chocolate, like our most common and famous dessert, brigadeiro. Which is chocolate sort of melted in a format of a ball with sprinkles around. Another common dessert would beijinho, which is another type of brigadeiro, but with different ingredients. These were some of the most common desserts in Brazil.

  19. Bastian Weil diz:

    Tsepulveda, To answer your question a traditional food in brazil is rice and beans.
    I eat it almost everyday at lunch.

  20. Gustavo diz:

    Dear Jleaon 6,

    My favourite food is is brigadeiro which is a ball of chocolate covered in sprinkles.

    Sincerely, Gustavo

  21. Mariah diz:

    Hi mruesga,
    My favorite food from Brazil is Pastel and Brigadeiro.I love pastel because we have a lot of diffrent flavores
    to put inside it.I also LOVE brigadeiro it’s so sweet.

    I hope I helped,

  22. Julia diz:

    Hi Mruesga,
    I will answer your question.My favorite food in Brazil is brigadeiro and pastel.They are traditional Brazilian foods.The food here is very good. Those were some common foods.

  23. Andre diz:

    Dear jleon6
    In brzil my favorite food is picanha, it´s a very good kind of meat.

  24. Ana Carolina diz:

    Dear imacias2,
    My favorite Brazilian food is Fejoada. it is beans with pork. You usually eat it with rice. Some traditional foods from Brazil are:
    pão de queijo
    pé de moleque

  25. Martin diz:

    Dear jleon6,
    There is a thing that we eat in here that is called cheese bread(pão de queijo). Its pretty self explanatory but it is a sphere made out of cheese with a “crust” surrounding it. My favorite Brazilian food is a Brigadeiro. It is normally a small chocolate ball with chocolate sprinkles surrounding it.

  26. Maria Clara diz:

    Dear S. Martinez,
    We also do several cookouts but, instead of cooking hot dogs and hamburgers, we love to cook picanha which is a type of meat and we also add rice and beans to it.

  27. Gustavo diz:

    Dear ealvarez015,
    I like to eat cuscuz, which is a mixture of corn flour and other ingredients. I also like to eat tapioca, sun meat, which is a meat cooked outside in the sun, and lima beans.
    I do not fight my sister using jiu jitsu skills. Instead, I shoot her with Nerf weapons. Otherwise, she gets extremely angry and starts kicking me.

  28. pedro s. diz:

    Dear, rbilonoac
    Some household food we eat in brazil is:
    Brigadeiro- Brigadeiro is the best dessert ever. Is a chocolate ball with chocolate sprinkles on the top. Try to find a Recipe is sooo good.

    Pão de Queijo-Pão de Quejo is a flufy ball with melted cheese inside.

    Patel-Pastel is a junk fried food that can be filled with anytype of things. Cheese, Chocolate and much more.

  29. Vitor diz:

    Dear mruesga,

    Here in Brazil, we eat rice with beans and usually, meat or chicken. My favorite food here in Brazil is pastel. It is a fried pastry with things on the inside. There are many options, cheese, meat, chicken, etc. And my favorite desert in Brazil is Beijinho. It is a sweet sphere made of coconut,
    condensed milk, cloves, etc. It is sweet and delicious! I love the foods here in Brazil.

  30. Giorgia diz:

    Dear Mruesga,
    My favorite food from Brazil is brigadeiro and pão de queijo. Brigadeiro is a chocolate ball with sprinkles all over it. Pão de queijo has cheese inside and outside it is crusty. A good combination is pão de queijo and butter. They are all very delicious.

  31. Pablo diz:

    Dear S. Martinez.

    I’m from Mexico, but I’m living in Brazil.

    My favourite Mexican food is tamales. tamales are: A traditional Mesoamerican dish made of masa, which is steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf. The wrapping is discarded before eating. And another one is Nachos with Cheese is like this: Nachos are similar really similar to Doritos and the cheese is melt yellow cheese.

    And my favourite Brazilian food is brigadeiro and pastels. Brigadeiro is a dessert little dessert and it is a chocolate sphere with chocolate sprinkles. And pastel is fried and it has meat, or cheese or more…

    And say hello to your family from my part.

    And I forgot that Paçoka is a cilinder of peanuts.

  32. Beatriz diz:

    Dear Mruesga,
    My favourite food in Brazil is brigadeiro. It is a chocolate ball surrounded in sprinkles. I also like beijinho which is like brigadeiro, but instead of it being made with chocolate, it is made with coconut. They are very sweet and they are traditional Brazilian desserts.

  33. Lara diz:

    Hello mruesga, my favorite traditional Brazilian food is pão de queijo, which is cheese bread in English. Yet, I also enjoy eating others like, beans, farofa, brigadeiro, feijoada, and many others.

  34. Anthony diz:

    Hi, Jleon6, In Brazil, we eat bean and rice mostly. And my favorite food is Brigadeiro.

  35. Anthony diz:

    Dear Jleon6,
    In Brazil, we eat bean and rice mostly. And my favorite food is Brigadeiro.

    Thanks, anthony.

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